Keo Dán Hoa Khô B6000 Siêu Dính Chuyên Dụng Cho Sửa Chữa Đồ Trang Sức

Đánh giá cho sản phẩm (FTB Score)

ftb score rating icon 10
₫ 65.400

Mô tả

Glue type: handmade glue
Usage: extruded

(warm reminder)
Dimensions are measured by hand, each person's method is different, 1~3cm error is normal, please take physical reference;

The color difference cannot be avoided, has been adjusted as much as possible as the real product, color sensitive, please consider clear re-purchase;

Some items are too large or overweight, and some of the orders selected for the shop may need to be modified or ordered separately because they exceed the store size. please keep your conversation open and keep up with the store's timely re-order.

Due to the large quantity of shipment, please take the urgent order carefully!Order order, prioritize shipment, if not or cancel order then we will lose directly, the pressure is great, please understand.

Welcome to introduce friends to buy, friends together can make a cost - effective bill.

The payment time of the order prompt is not the time of receipt. please take the notice of receipt as the basis and remember to take the notice as the basis.

Our shop is very resistant to pick-up、Running list、To deceive a single line,But anyone who buys in this shop once fails to pick up the goods、Running list、Fraud, etc.,The store will block its shrimp account number,And share its account number with the chinese mainland shrimp sellers community not to pick up the blacklist,Single-ticket buyers will be unable to shop in the seller's community for life,Please have the wrong intention of buyers self-esteem!

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