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Submerged definition, under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated. See more.

What’s more, these reptiles can stay submerged for nearly 20 minutes by rebreathing exhaled air in the bubble, a new study shows.

Collection of wet, submerged leaves and organic debris comes with its own unique set of challenges, so it’s crucial to use equipment designed for this specific task when cleaning out your pool or pond.

The Swaygo Pit Pack’s slick nylon-polyurethane shell resists tearing, and its roll-down closure forms a waterproof seal that’ll keep your stuff dry even when totally submerged.

Post Carbon City-State, a project by architecture and urban design group Terreform, imagines a submerged New York.

One exec even drew a picture of a submerged island volcano to drive home the point.

Monsoon rains sparked widespread flooding that submerged the camp in water.

The boy had his head and upper body submerged in the largest one, as he tried to reach something at the bottom.

The rest of the locked safes in the rooms still submerged will be returned after the ship reaches its final destination.

As William Manchester asserts What the folk hero was and what he believed are submerged by the demands of those who follow him.

The headquarters of Goldman Sachs—at 200 West Street in submerged lower Manhattan—shone brightly.

By aid of submerged boats, with their powerful electric lights, the work becomes one of certainty rather than of chance.

My imprisonment, the vexations of jail life, the future—all is submerged in the flood of misery at the realization of my failure.

I should be half tempted to write an In Memoriam, but I am submerged with other work.

For the first time there could be offered to the submerged tenth a real social function to be performed.

Several became entangled in submerged tree-roots, but cleared themselves.


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